Emily is happy to be the co-director of Pocket Concerts, an organization that presents top-quality chamber music concerts in people's homes and work places all over Toronto. 


In 2013, having played a couple of house concerts in the past, both Rory (Founder and Co-director, Pocket Concerts) and Emily had a strong gut feeling that there was something special about them. They knew they were fun and more personal than a typical concert, and wanted to figure out how to create a concert experience that was meaningful. It was a bit like taking a bite of delicious cake, and trying to figure out the recipe.


Each Pocket Concert is about an hour-long, and it's followed by a reception with everyone, including the artists. It's a great way to experience what some of Canada's finest classical artists can offer from just a few feet away, and its accessible program can be enjoyed by anyone, whether you are a seasoned concert goer, a neophite, or completely new to classical chamber music. 


Visit pocketconcerts.ca to find out more!


Pocket Concerts